It is the desire of the Rosemont Cemetery Association to provide quality end of life choices to meet the needs of all in the community. As such, in addition to providing for traditional burials, the Association offers graves in its Memorial Garden and Natural Burial Area for those that wish to be buried in a more environmentally conscious way.

At Rosemont Cemetery, options are available for:
Traditional casket Burial
Burial of Cremains
Natural or “Green” Burials


Traditional Burial

In our traditional burial section, we offer full size graves, both for casket burials as well as for cremation burials. Graves in this section are laid out in the traditional rectangular, linear pattern seen in most historic graveyards. These graves can accommodate one casket or up to three sets of cremains. Currently, the Cemetery is offering traditional graves in the section nearest the field to the back of the Cemetery.

Burials have taken place in the traditional areas of the Rosemont Cemetery for nearly three centuries. The very oldest sections are nearest the top of the hill with the newer sections located downhill. Among the notable burials here are Captain Daniel Bray (d. 1819), famous for his pivotal role in the Revolutionary War, Ann E. Matthews, who played Stella Dallas in the popular radio show which ran from 1937 to 1955, U.S. Congressman John Runk (served 1845 - 1847) and NJ Secretary of Agriculture, Willard Allen (served 1938 - 1956).

Burial of Cremains

The Rosemont Cemetery offers graves for sale for the burial of cremains. In the traditional section of the Cemetery, cremains are buried in full size graves; separate cremation graves are not available.  However, up to three sets of cremains may be buried in one grave space.  Alternatively, certain graves in the Rosemont Memorial Garden section have been set aside specifically for the burial of cremains. These burial spaces are smaller than the typical full-sized grave space and can hold only one set of cremains.

Natural Burial

The Rosemont Cemetery is proud to offer its families the option of natural or “green” burials in its newest section known as the Rosemont Memorial Garden. In this section, casket burials and burials of cremains can take place. Natural burial provides an alternative end of life option for those hoping to reduce the impact of their death on the environment. In this section, burials occur without the use of a vault or embalming fluid. Instead, burials take place in biodegradable containers made of renewable resources allowing the body/cremains to return naturally to the earth with minimal impact on the environment.

While natural burial has experienced a rebirth in the U.S., the concept dates back to pre-Civil War days when bodies were buried in exactly this way. In fact, this is how Rosemont Cemetery’s earliest inhabitants would have been buried. The addition of the natural burial area demonstrates the Cemetery’s commitment to the beauty of the land it sits on, the families it serves and the history it cherishes.

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